Social Media and Digital Services

DMS Services

Rather than you take the time to manage your brand’s social media or hiring a full-time employee to do this, we do it for you. Social Media is the core of your website traffic and therefore must contain consistent posts to keep sending traffic to your site. We manage your social media by helping you choose the right platforms for your business, provide consistent posts that fit your brand, interacting with your followers and drive traffic to your website. The goal of our social media marketing is to engage with your online audience on a consistent basis, create more visibility and brand loyalty.

Content Development & Writing

An essential component of your social media strategy must be the creation of new, original and valuable content that shows your users your company’s expertise in your industry – proving to them why they should trust you and your products.


Once we start to share content with your users, you will receive likes, shares and most importantly comments. Those comments may include questions, praises or complaints. Designer Marketing Solutions monitors and responds to users on your behalf to keep them happy and interacting.

Content Research

We take the time to research your industry, trends, and competition to discover the best content to share on your social media platforms to benefit your business.

Analytic Reporting

We track the success or failure of a social media marketing strategy via analytics. Quarterly reports are presented to our clients explaining the data collected.

Keyword Research

Designer Marketing Solutions researches your industry and competition to identify the customer-centric keyword that your customers will use to find your business. These same keywords and phrases are used in content across your social media platforms.


Social Media Management

Original, optimized content with photos and videos. Weekly posts and daily engagement.

Social Media Platforms:

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Monthly costs starting at $100 per platform.

Price includes quarterly Google Analytic Reports and Website Ranking Audit.

Google AdWords Management

Perform PPC keyword research to ensure the campaigns and ad groups are running with the appropriate keywords appropriately grouped for the highest quality scores possible. Creates compelling and useful AdWords ad text (titles and descriptions) that highlight unique selling points or special offers and take users to relevant landing pages to help maximize click-through and AdWords conversion rates. The monthly fee for managing your AdWords Campaign is 8% per month of the monthly ad spend paying for specific Keywords.

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AdWords Cost is 8% per month of the monthly ad spend

Blog Writing / Content Creation

All blogs include:

Blog Cost with social media spend:

Blog Cost without social media spend:

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