Social Media Management

Social media is a crucial part of today’s business landscape, connecting your brand with a vast audience that is eager to engage. At Designer Marketing Solutions, we provide top-tier social media marketing services tailored to suit your brand’s unique needs and goals.

Our Packages

We offer various packages to suit businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a start-up looking to create a presence or an established brand aiming to enhance engagement, we have a plan for you.

Starter Package: $300 per platform per month

  • Ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Platform setup & profile optimization
  • Content creation & scheduling (up to 10 posts per month)
  • Basic engagement & monitoring

Professional Package: $600 per platform per month

  • Great for growing businesses
  • All features from Starter package
  • Up to 20 posts per month
  • Strategic hashtag research & implementation
  • Monthly analytics & performance report

Enterprise Package: $1200 per platform per month

  • Tailored for established brands
  • All features from Professional package
  • Up to 40 posts per month
  • Influencer collaboration & targeted campaigns
  • Weekly reports

Custom Packages

We understand that every business has unique requirements, and we’re more than happy to create a custom package tailored to your specific needs and goals. Contact us for a personalized quote.

Social Media Platforms:

Facebook Ad Services

Engaging with your audience has never been more accessible or essential. At Designer Marketing Solutions, we provide comprehensive Facebook Ad services in conjunction with our top-notch social media management offerings. Whether you’re an established brand or a growing business, our tailored ad solutions are designed to fit your unique needs.

Our experts will craft, manage, and report on Facebook Ads that align with your marketing strategy. We offer three distinct options:

Image Ads

  • Visually appealing static images
  • Customized to resonate with your target audience
  • Perfect for brand awareness and product promotion

Video Ads

  • Engaging video content that tells your story
  • Ideal for tutorials, testimonials, or product showcases
  • Encourages higher engagement and click-through rates

Messenger Ads

  • Interactive ads within Facebook Messenger
  • Excellent for lead generation and customer service
  • Personalized engagement with potential customers

All of our ad options include:

  • Ad Creation & Management
  • Crafting compelling content and visuals
  • Continuous monitoring and optimization
  • A/B testing for performance
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Tracking of key performance indicators
  • Regular reports with actionable insights
  • Ongoing support and consultation

Packages in Conjunction with Social Media Management Services

Essential Package: Image Ads + Basic Social Media Management

Advanced Package: Video Ads + Enhanced Social Media Management

Premium Package: Messenger Ads + Comprehensive Social Media Management

(Contact us for detailed pricing and features of each package.)

One-Time Investment Marketing Plans and Strategies

At Designer Marketing Solutions, we know that not every business requires ongoing marketing management. Some prefer to have a robust plan crafted by experts and then execute it in-house. That’s why we offer marketing plans and strategies as a one-time investment tailored to your specific business needs and goals.

What You Receive with Our Marketing Plans

  • Professional Consultation: Collaborate to define goals and KPIs.
  • Thorough Market Analysis: Insights into audience, competitors, and industry trends.
  • Actionable Marketing Strategy: A step-by-step guide to implement the plan yourself.
  • Optional Follow-Up Support: Available as needed to guide you through the execution.

Price is determined by the business and industry.

Take Control of Your Marketing Success

With a one-time investment, Designer Marketing Solutions equips you with the tools and strategies you need to steer your marketing efforts in the right direction. Contact us today for a free consultation, and let’s create a plan that empowers you to reach your goals on your terms.

Blog Services Tailored to Your Business Needs

Content is still king in today’s digital landscape, and blogs are at the forefront of this dynamic realm. At Designer Marketing Solutions, we offer specialized blog services crafted to match your specific requirements. Whether you need a single monthly blog or more frequent posts, our professional writers, designers, and researchers are at your service.

Our Monthly Blog Service Packages:

Monthly Blog Package: Ideal for Building Consistent Presence

    • One blog per month
    • Investment: Starting at $400 per month

Bi-Monthly Blog Package: Perfect for Growing Engagement

    • Two professionally written blog posts per month
    • Investment: Contact us for pricing details

Weekly Blog Package: Tailored for Robust Content Strategy

    • Four professionally written blog posts per month
    • Investment: Contact us for pricing details

Comprehensive Services Included in All Blog Packages:

  • Professional Blog Writing: Expert writers creating engaging, high-quality content.
  • Custom Graphic Design: Eye-catching images and infographics to enhance the posts.
  • Link Research: Careful selection of authoritative and relevant backlinks.
  • SEO Optimization: Ensuring your blog ranks well on search engines.
  • Content Strategy Alignment: Making sure each blog post aligns with your overall marketing goals.
  • Social Media Integration: Option to share and promote blogs across social platforms.
  • Performance Monitoring: Regular reports on blog performance and audience engagement.

Email Marketing: Targeted, Engaging, and Effective

Email remains one of the most powerful and personal ways to connect with your audience. At Designer Marketing Solutions, we offer bespoke email marketing services that help your business reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

Our Custom Email Marketing Services Include:

  • Strategic Planning: Crafting a comprehensive email marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals and targets the ideal audience.
  • Content Creation: Write engaging and relevant content that resonates with your readers, including attention-grabbing subject lines and compelling calls to action.
  • Design and Layout: Customizing visually appealing email templates that reflect your brand’s identity and enhance the reader’s experience.
  • List Segmentation and Management: Organize your email lists to ensure that the right messages reach the right segments of your audience.
  • Automation and Scheduling: Implementing automated email sequences and timely campaigns that keep your readers engaged without overloading their inboxes.
  • Performance Tracking and Analysis: Provide regular reports on key metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates to measure success and identify areas for improvement.
  • Compliance Assurance: Ensuring all email marketing activities adhere to legal regulations and best practices, including GDPR compliance.


Custom Pricing for Custom Solutions

Every business is unique, and so are its email marketing needs. That’s why we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all pricing model. Instead, we offer custom pricing tailored to your specific requirements, goals, and budget.

Whether you’re a small business looking to grow your subscriber base or an established brand seeking to enhance customer retention, our custom email marketing services provide the perfect solution.