Why You Need A Social Media Manager

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Social Media Manager

I’ve long championed the actual day-to-day management of your social channels.  By someone who understands the ins and outs of social and how to test and analyze the analytics behind the scene. Case in point, a recent monthly report I prepared for a client. This company has been a client of mine for well over a year, and they produce great content week after week. They listened when I told them that fresh content is critical to building an audience and getting others to champion your brand. Here is my report in bold, with comments I want to point out in italics:


I am thrilled with the analytics this month! The website dropped two million places – which is good. The lower your number, the higher the internet ranking. Facebook is #1. The backlink profile is continuing to grow, and that is all because of the high content you keep cranking out. Stay on message and stay the course. A link portfolio (or profile) lists all the sites currently linking to your site. Links matter. When you run a backlink analysis on a site – whether it’s your own or a competitor’s – you’re looking at the websites linking to that website, in what manner, and to what page. And, since we understand Google’s algorithmic reliance on links, we know that a website’s ability to rank in Google is mainly dependent on the websites linking to it (i.e., its backlink portfolio).

Twitter impressions were up this month as well, up a total of 4K from last month. This is due to the cross-promotion we did during the event in NYC. Will duplicate this at CEDIA, CES, ISE, etc.

The client is pleased with this report, and I am too. Great content and distributing this content on the various social media channels produced this ranking.   What I want to point out is this client spent no money on boosting posts or creating Facebook Ads to create the online audience and engagement.  The key to success is consistent, high content, consistently distributed via many social media channels.  It is challenging to achieve these results unless you hire an individual to manage your social media.  If you have an employee, or friend of the family doing the social media on the side, life will get in the way, and the consistent postings will stop killing any momentum the social media campaign had going. If you want an engaged social media audience and a high ranking website for your business hire someone to manage your social media daily.  Call me for an appointment.

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