What NOT To Do Regarding Social Media Marketing

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I do a lot of talking about how to market your brand correctly on social media. It is also imperative to know what NOT to do on regarding social media. Doing the wrong thing on social media can undo all the right things. Let me briefly explain what I’m getting at when I talk about NOTS:

Not doing research.

If you do not understand completely, definitively, who your audience is, you’re just shooting blanks. You need to do your research and define your target audience, to set sound strategies and keep up with market trends. If you fail to do this research, you’ll be wasting valuable time and money on your social media marketing efforts. Social media marketing is very focused. Or, it should be! So if you can tell me exactly who you are trying to reach, I can reach out to them with your message. And we can accurately track results to see how that message is resonating with likely customers.

Not being PC.

Here’s what I mean by being politically correct – if you want to post selfies of yourself in your Nazi regalia, by all means, go for it. But when your customer base decides to stop shopping at your store, don’t come crying to me. Always, always, always bear in mind that what you post lives on in infamy and it can hurl you to instant fame or cast you into PR hell. This advice goes for your company postings as well as any postings from people associated with your brand. Simple recap – don’t be stupid!

Not having a plan.

Posting on social media without a plan is like coaching football without knowing the plays. It is of vital importance to plan out how your social media channels support traffic, lead generation and what goals your brand wants to accomplish. You have to ensure that you are speaking the language of your target audience and talking about what they care about on the right social channels. You have to be relevant as a brand in the places you try to occupy. All of this boosts is essential.

Note** This article was originally posted on Technology Insider Group on January 1, 2018.

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