How to Communicate Clearly with your Social Media Audience

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Social Media Communication

Communication in everyday business and life can make or break a relationship. Dialogue seems an easy enough skill to master, but universally most people struggle to communicate clearly. This struggle is even more apparent in the Custom Installer industry when trying to build a social media audience. The content needs to be clear, educational, and entertaining. Here are some tips to make your social media content irresistible:

No Tech Talk

Use plain language when posting content on social media to educate your audience. Most installer terms mean something else entirely to a layperson. If the audience has no idea what you are discussing, they will tune out. A display is something a department store uses to attract customers, not something mounted on a wall. Use the word “television” so there is no confusion. No acronyms and if you do, use the whole word, then give the abbreviation in parenthesis, so the meaning is clear. Your audience will not know a source can mean a DVD player or a game console, so use the name of the source you are discussing. Great content is an essential part of social media marketing. Using clear words to communicate your business online will assist in building your presence.

Tell a Story

Tell an entertaining story about an installation. Have you ever been called on a service call because small children have stuck food in a DVD player? Did the homeowners forget you were installing their theater and do something embarrassing? Ever find something behind the speakers that you weren’t expecting? A behind the scenes view of your business is social media gold. Adding humor to your business profile will connect with your audience on a personal level. If you connect with amusement, your content will get shared. Shared content is how your network of followers grows; which will grow your business. Social media is all about connections. Customers today look for this personal relationship when hiring any service.

Show the Personal Side of your Company

Show how you are the best company in the custom installation industry. Not a sales pitch – do not post about best prices in town. Post content that portrays HOW you manage your employees and reward them for a job well done. Do you educate your employees? Do you exhibit at shows? Are you a good company to work for? Do you have company celebrations? Showing photos of these events with excellent written content will give your audience a view into the heart and soul of your business.

Social media is all about connecting with the customer – a personal, social connection. Customers today want to hire companies they have a relationship with, not just the lowest bidder for the job. If social media is handled correctly, it can be the platform to portray your company’s personality and land the new “touchy-feely” customers.

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